Papaya Twill Dyed Fabric

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  • Structure
  • Dominating Fiber
  • Colour
  • Weave / Surface Texture
  • GSM
  • Width (in cms)

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Composition: 100% Polyester
HSN/SAC Code: 54075290

Papaya Twill Dyed Fabric : Elevate Your Creations With Infuse Vibrant Color And Timeless Texture Effortlessly Redefine Style With This Versatile And Chic Textile. Welcome to Ajay Goel Textiles Pvt. Ltd., your trusted destination for top-tier wholesale fabrics. With a rich legacy rooted in excellence, we bring you a diverse range of high-quality fabrics that redefine sophistication. Our mission is to empower designers and businesses with premium materials, enhancing their projects with timeless elegance.


Colour PT01 or PT02 or PT03 or PT04 or PT05 or PT06 or PT07 or PT08 or PT09 or PT10 or PT11 or PT12 or PT13 or PT14 or PT15 or PT16 or PT17
Structure Woven
Dominating Fiber Polyester
Weave / Surface Texture Plain
GSM 155
Width (in cms) 150